Chip HARTT Says "Stop Animal Abuse"

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Chips Story

Chip Hartt was brought to the attention of our rescue on December 19, 2014 late at night. We fed him bathed him and put triple antibiotic ointment on his sore little face. Saturday we called the vet to make a appointment to see him. Monday morning, December 22, 2014, first thing we brought him to the vet. That is where we learned the extent of his injuries. She was unsure what to do but thought a surgeon was going to be needed and the costs to repair this little mans face would cost several thousand Dollars. Julie posted what the vet said on her facebook asking friends to help. His story took on a life of its own. Everyone started sharing the plea for help. His story went viral. Surgeons have been seen and believe he has suffered chemical burns to his face, injuries that were inflicted by a person. Surgeons think it is best to wait til he stops growing to have the operations. He has monthly appointments with his local vet to ensure everything is doing well.

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