Five Hundred per year over Five years (2018 - 2022)

Our HARTT Board of Directors initiated an ambitious goal at their June 2017 meeting. The HARTT Board of Directors set a goal for HARTT Rescue to provide Spay/Neuter for 500 "owned” companion animals (dogs and cats) per year each year over the next five years (2018 - 2022).  This would include animals in our eight-county, three-State area with a total population of over 237,000 people.  It is an ambitious goal for our small rescue, but we know we are capable of assisting owners that have this need through financial support from foundations and granting organizations with similar goals in mind. The increase in the number of spayed/neutered animals in our region and the combination of other partners in the area spaying/neutering will slow down companion animal homelessness and overpopulation in our area.

Total = 67 Goal 500

January eight
February five
March 30
April: 24

Overall spayed and Neutered  69  (to include animals not owned)

Spay Neuter Assist

If you need assistance with spay and Neuter please email HARTT spay and Neuter at or call us at 731-438-5172.  This is for cats and dogs. Please include how many animals and whether they are a dog or cat. We would love to have all of your household companion animals spayed and neutered to ensure no extra puppies/kittens appear from your animals.

We are able to assist primarily those in the following counties in Tennessee Hardin, Wayne, Decatur, Henderson, Chester, and McNairy Counties also Tishimingo County, MS, Lauderdale County, AL

We will ask you to pay for the vaccination portion of the spay/neuter (Rabies and Distemper Parvo which the veterinarians ask to have done) If you have the records from a certified veterinarian that they have been done then these will not be needed. You have to bring the up to date records.