Five Hundred per year over Five years (2018 - 2022)

Our HARTT Board of Directors initiated an ambitious goal at their June 2017 meeting. The HARTT Board of Directors set a goal for HARTT Rescue to provide Spay/Neuter for 500 "owned” companion animals (dogs and cats) per year each year over the next five years (2018 - 2022).  This would include animals in our eight-county, three-State area with a total population of over 237,000 people.  It is an ambitious goal for our small rescue, but we know we are capable of assisting owners that have this need through financial support from foundations and granting organizations with similar goals in mind. The increase in the number of spayed/neutered animals in our region and the combination of other partners in the area spaying/neutering will slow down companion animal homelessness and overpopulation in our area.

Total = 234 completed toward 500 Goal

January eight
February five
March 30
April: 23
May: 41
June: 33
July: 23
August: 22
September: 25
October: 24

Overall spayed and Neutered 240   (to include animals not owned)

HARTT Low-Cost Spay Neuter

Do you or someone you know need to get your cat(s) or dog(s) spayed or neutered? If so, please have them message us on the facebook page at HARTT Low-Cost Spay and Neuter or email us at with the following information:

Their information: Name, address and phone number 

Their pet's information: name, age, sex, and breed (for cats, just that it is a cat will suffice) and estimated WEIGHT.

YOUR COST of the spay or neuter for the animal will be as follows:

CAT (Female): $35 plus cost of vaccinations required by vet
CAT (male): $25 plus cost of vaccinations required by vet

DOG (Female): $45 plus cost of vaccinations required by vet
DOG (male): $35 plus cost of vaccinations required by vet

UP-CHARGE of $50 FOR ANIMALS OVER 75 pounds (it is a lot more $ to do these surgeries!).

NOTE: Please do not schedule your animal if they are in can wait a few weeks to be out of heat which is safer for the dog/cat. (Once we say we can help, we will, even if it is a few weeks from now)

Payment due in full to the vet at time of spay/neuter service performed! HARTT Rescue will cover the remaining veterinary costs of the procedure.

We do not discriminate based on your income level, but do have the ability to help defer costs of the vaccinations for those on very fixed incomes (with proof of fixed income provided to HARTT for verification).

The following vets are currently working with us on spay/neuters:
Dr. Conaway (Savannah, TN), Dr. Edwards (Savannah, TN), Dr. Gina Welton (Iuka, MS) and Dr. Anderson (Parsons, TN). We will be happy to talk to any other vet that you would like to use, but we have working relationships with these vets and prefer to use them for these surgeries.

PLEASE, DO NOT call us on our rescue phone number concerning spay and neuter. The FB page and the email are the only way to obtain a low-cost spay or neuter for your animal.